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Welcome to Creo

Creo is a framework designed to enable rapid development of internal tools. Our journey began out of frustration with no-code/low-code tool builders, which we believe can be an anti-pattern for software development. By leveraging code generation, Creo allows you to regain control over your code, moving away from the limitations of drag-and-drop builders.

Our Thesis

Building a new tool using the VSCode extension

Our core thesis is that while current LLMs excel at generating small code snippets, they can be used to construct full-fledged applications. Internal tools are ideal to begin with. These tools are typically characterized by their straightforward design, consisting largely of simple, repeating components. They often involve basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations and contain substantial amounts of boilerplate code.

Traditional drag-and-drop builders, while offering quick setup, are often restrictive in their capabilities. They provide limited access to customization and underlying code, constraining developers who need more flexibility or specific functionality. Our approach is fundamentally different – we are code-first, giving developers full control and the ability to customize every aspect of their application.

What We Provide

Example of a tool