Follow these steps to set up and start using Creo:


Sign up and Create an Organization

  1. Login to
  2. Create a new organization

Run Quickstart CLI

npx creoctl@latest

This will install the VS Code extension and create a new Creo project.


Configure Creo Extension

  1. In VS Code, navigate to the Creo extension
  2. Log in to your Creo account
  3. Select your organization
  4. Start prompting (refer to our prompt guide for best practices)

Start Development Server

  1. Open a terminal in VS Code (Ctrl + `)
  2. Start the development server:
    npm run dev
  3. Open your browser and visit http://localhost:3000 to view your tools

For detailed instructions on how to use the Creo Copilot extension in VS Code, refer to our VS Code extension guide.